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Self Reliance Recruitment
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Recruitment Specialists MPD/1926/Rwp

Since 1999, M/s Self Reliance has brought employers and job seekers together with results that speak for themselves. Our experience, powerful insights, proven delivery and attention to detail enable us to identify top manpower company across a broad range of professional levels throughout Pakistan.

Who we are?

As one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in the region, we understand the time-bound nature of the process. As such, we have established a comprehensive network that expedites the talent search process. With us, you will find the perfect professional for the job in terms of technical knowledge and social competence.

MD’s Message

We hereby take this opportunity to sincerely thank to all our existing and non-existing Clients based in different cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and as well as our educated & experienced candidates for your trust and co-operation during more than 16 Years with M/s Self Reliance Recruitment Specialists. M/s Self Reliance is the leading Man Power company of Pakistan with success completion of various projects. Our major commitment is to enlarge its capabilities as a leading man power company. These capabilities involve our expertise in recruitment of professional medical & engineering staff for all categories such as Medical Consultants, Specialist, Paramedical Staff and all type of Engineers, supervisors, labors, helpers for construction and engineering companies etc. and also provide medical teaching staff including biomedical and bioengineering technicians to our Saudi Arabian & Middle Eastern Principals to their entire satisfaction. To Employers, M/s Self Reliance maintains highest standards of professionalism, ethics, trustworthiness and expertise. Our well trained and experienced teams are committed to completing each assignment with speed and accuracy. To candidates, M/s Self Reliance is sound career advisors who can open doors to best opportunities. Our customers experience services that are met on-time, with greater efficiency and responsiveness than they would expect. The continued success of M/s Self Reliance is dependent upon our customers trust and we are dedicated top reserving that trust. With the professional services, experienced & devoted teamwork, possession of a network of members associated Hospitals, Polyclinics, Retail Pharmacies and Engineering companies and a progressive management the M/s Self Reliance is moving towards a better future.

Self Reliance Recruitment

Managing Director
Mr. Waheed Hafeez

Our Mission

  •  Fulfilling increasing manpower requirement through fast, efficient and reliable services by shortlisting the candidates then forward them to the foreign employers eliminating in the process unnecessary delay and guaranteeing
  • Prompt hiring and deployment to jobs.
    Provide highly skilled medical professionals to hospital and medical institutes.
  •  Maintain good and harmonious relations with employers and ensuring maximum employment benefits to the candidates, not only in terms of salary but also other non-wage considerations.
  • Conduct post-development and/or on-site support services to ensure the welfare and well-being of the deployed Pakistani workers in their workplace and the faithful compliance by employers of their obligations mentioned in the employment contracts as well as provide prompt support and assistance to
  • Distressed Pakistani workers deployed.
  • The competency of each employment shall be evaluated solely on the basis of the specific requirement of the particular job to be filled. The agency does not entertain any mal practice in recruitment and strictly observe selection on merit basis.


  • Focus on full filling increasing manpower requirement fast, efficient and reliable
  • services
  • To achieve Customer’s Satisfaction
  • To Provide highly skilled professional to industries, hospitals, universities and other sectors

Why we are different from others?

  • We have no Sub-Agents.
  • We have Data Bank (about 1600 Professionals)
  • We ensure lowest service charges in Pakistan.
  • We make dispatch lead time very shortly.